Guest Videos: Arboreal Canids

One of the earliest dogs was Hesperocyon, a North American native that was much too small to chase nimravids but nonetheless did get Family Canidae’s paws planted firmly on the ground after its evolution from miacid tree-dwellers.

This post is not about those ground dwellers.

It’s about some of old Hesperocyon’s descendants who use trees today.

The gray fox, for instance:

Gray foxes climb trees routinely!

The Canid Specialist Group’s gray fox page.

Dr. Wikipedia notes that the closely related island fox is a climber, too.

This video doesn’t actually show that but, gosh, they’re cute!

And then there’s this critter:

Not a raccoon. Raccoons don’t wag their tails like that. It’s a dog.

I didn’t even know there was a raccoon dog.

Yes, there is — and it’s cute, too:

Canid Specialist Group page.

They’re adorable as pups, too. This video also shows the claws they’re born with and that enable raccoon dogs to climb.

Featured image: Marcin Zakrzewski/Shutterstock

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