Guest Videos: Dog Day Saturday Afternoon

It’s time to talk about a fact of life that no cat, big or small, can ignore: dogs exist.

Such encounters are unpredictable without humans around to smooth things over.

It seems to depend on the cat’s mood (doesn’t everything?):

  • Playful:

  • In “don’t mess with me” mode:

Poor coyote.

After watching yesterday’s video on Felidae, I decided to introduce dogs and other caniforms into the blog.

Y’see, cats didn’t evolve in a vacuum. They have been shaped by many encounters with and pressures from other carnivorans.

Too, we share our human world with carnivorans — one particular kind of feliform and one particular species of caniform.

Someone drops an F-bomb at around 3:16, but please don’t let it stop you from watching the next and final incredible clip!

Since my approach to the cat evolution book involves tracing things back to the appearance of animals, probably in the late Precambrian — and going even farther back — why not also think about the distaff side of Order Carnivora?

So there is now a Saturday feature that I hope you will also enjoy.

Thank you again and again for your interest and support!

Featured image: Lightfield Studios/Shutterstock

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