“Brief History of Dogs” Feline Response

The cats demand equal time in this new series (totally ignoring the fact that they already have a weekday dedicated to them).

So let’s point out that this sort of thing happened, too — and that a real Ice Age sabercat, whether Smilodon or Homotherium, would have had a stubby lynx-style tail (no one knows why; perhaps they didn’t need the counterbalance?):

Not just the cave cat — as we’ll see next Friday, hyenas are feliforms, too, even if some of them do bark.

Also, cats accompanied us down through history.

And the rise of domestic cats may have been inevitable.

There. Fluffy? Can I please come out of what remains of the bathroom now?


Where’d that cat go?

‘k thx bai’

Featured image: Sharomka/Shutterstock

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