Guest Videos: Glacier Peak

Summer heat got you down?

Let’s go get some ice from the top of that mountain over there (which also happens to be a dangerous, though sleeping, volcano in Washington State, one that you’ve probably never heard of).

What a wonderful experience! Glacier Peak doesn’t look dangerous at all.

Well, it is — for two reasons:

  1. Big explosive eruptions a la Mount St. Helens. Per the Global Volcanism Program, it last erupted a few hundred years ago.
  2. Those glaciers, sitting on volcanic slopes that may or may not be completely stable, are heavy. They also contain a lot of water and could melt quickly in an eruption, generating a lahar.

    That happened in 1980 when Mount St. Helens went off:

    Everyone learned from that disaster and there are hazard maps today, as you can see in this recent news video on Glacier Peak’s monitoring issues:

Now here’s some good news: This past Wednesday, the USGS announced that they had gotten approval for the upgrade and four new stations.


Featured image: Jeffrey T. Kreulen/Shutterstock

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