Guest Videos: Stromboli (and a mud volcano)

Three years ago today, a good eruption (no injuries, deaths, or damage):

Stromboli is a good volcano to check out on this holiday weekend. Here’s a live science cam from Italy.

To learn more about Stromboli, check out its Global Volcanism Program page.

Its fireworks-style eruptions make it the namesake for certain kinds of eruptions anywhere on the globe (wait for it…)

That was uploaded two months ago, but Stromboli has been doing this for so long that ancient Romans called it “the lighthouse of the Mediterranean.”

What’s happening is basically a volcanic “burp” — big bubbles of gas form in magma inside the volcano’s conduit and then burst when they erupt.

Here is a little Strombolian indigestion at Fogo in the Cape Verde Islands in 2014:

As this 2019 video shows, Stromboli can be dangerous, too:

That’s a paroxysm — one of the three types of eruptions described at the INGV Stromboli page (Italian):

“I am not impressed.”

— Gobustan mud volcano (What?)

“Hold my beer.”

— Etna, November 2013

Not CGI; is legit. Also, Etna is famous for such shows.

Mud volcano:

Happy Fourth of July!

Featured image: Rainer Albiez/Shutterstock

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