Guest Videos: Etna, 2022 and Years Past

Sicily’s Mount Etna is an Italian opera of a volcano — fiery, beautiful, and mostly harmless — in addition to being a Decade Volcano (and yes, following through on last week’s writing update, it looks like I’ll have to rewrite all those chapters in the DV book to a greater or lesser extent).

Etna has been putting on quite a show recently, though according to the Twitterverse, the lava effusions may have just paused.

Here are some videos that Etna fans have made of this activity, along with some notable views of past events (with that one exception back in 1992, this is all happening high on the mountain, away from nearby population centers):

Uploaded June 9th:

May 20th:

Uploaded February 2022:

“You call that lightning? Hold my beer.” — Taal, 2020

Etna’s new Southeast Crater, 2011-2017:

January 12-13, 2011, from a village that was threatened in the 1990s:

It’s like eating potato chips, watching those fountains:

So, did they save the village back in 1992? Just barely, as you’ll read in the description at this YouTube site:

But outlying homes were destroyed, as described at about 6:17 in this 2010 “big picture” video:

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