Guest Videos: Youngsters!

Big cats —

Slightly smaller cats —

From the comments to this video: “Let’s go view the humans in their natural habitat.”

Small cats —

House cats —

Watcha gonna do — except love them ALL!

And help those in need when we can.

Featured image: Zhiltsov Alexandr/Shutterstock


  1. So far I’ve watched only the 3 cougars arriving on the doorstep – I never fail to be struck and how behaviorally similar wild cats are, even tigers, to house cats [who if they aren’t declawed easily return to the wild]. All that seems to change is the size. Also in that video – watch the little band of wild turkeys at a distance in the middle of the road. They watch the cougars that whole time though they never feel a need to leave, even though they are prime prey for cougars

    • Thanks for pointing out the turkeys — missed those! I’ve occasionally seen that apparent lack of concern on other videos. Prey species can perhaps “read” their predators — it certainly would be a stress- and energy-saving advantage. My guess is that these three are dispersing males, not particularly hungry but curious. Young cheetahs sometimes band together; maybe their close cougar relatives do too.

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