Guest Video: Big Cats Playing in Snow

That stoic Amur leopard’s image was posted six days ago from Siberia.

With much of my own country in the deep freeze this morning, it seemed a good idea to highlight one of the silver linings in cold weather and then finish with some heart-warming cuteness from the Sahara.

1. Let’s start with some tiger zen:

2. I don’t know the backstory behind these Russians who have both a Rotweiler and a melanistic leopard (two great pals, apparently), but the videos are fascinating.

In this one, young Luna encounters snow for the first time.

3. The next one could have been set in the last ice age — don’t laugh.

We’re used to seeing lions in warm climates, but these adaptable generalists were once much more numerous and ranged up into high latitudes, along with their cousin Homotherium, the sabercat.

4. Time to warm up!

This research team accidentally came across the den while on the way to another site.

Six hours later, the camera trap they installed took more footage during the day.

Here’s more information on sand cats.

Featured image: Amur leopard, by Land of the Leopard

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