Guest Video: Those BBC Tiger Cubs

With the Chinese Year of the Tiger coming soon, it’s time for another look at tigers.

An adorable look.

The best way to do that today is by following the cubs featured in the BBC’s “Tiger About the House” series, starting with their birth and following them into adulthood.

Perhaps the most amazing video that the BBC has shared online is this one, where Giles Clark first bonds with the cubs.

I think he’s wearing something protective around his neck the first time he goes in, in case the mother reacts badly — all cats instinctively go for the back of the neck — but the rest of him appears to be unprotected.

Can you imagine loving an endangered animal species enough to take that risk?

You will love them, too, after watching the other shared videos (no playlist, apparently, so I searched the Beeb’s YouTube channel).

Needless to say, do NOT try this at home!

But thank you, BBC and Mr. Clark, for sharing it with us all.

Featured image: BBC

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