Writing Update

This is just to let you know that I’m still working on the next post in the cat evolution series, “Finishing Up The Precambrian.”

It’s the toughest thing I’ve ever attempted to write, not only because it covers almost 3.5 billion years after where we left off but also because there are so many scientific uncertainties about the origin of animals as well as basic features like reproduction, eyes, and even the cell nucleus that defines us eukaryotes.

Lay writers and their readers are used to a narrative, but Earth’s rocky archives of those times is scanty and open to different interpretations.

I am trying to tell the story of how cats evolved while being careful NOT to present a narrative, since one is not widely accepted by scientists.

Tricky. But enormously interesting to research.

So please bear with me. It’s coming along, and the posts should come frequently once we transition into the Phanerozoic (the part of geologic time after the Precambrian — our time, in other words).

As always, thank you for your interest!

Featured image: Larisa Lomaeva/Shutterstock

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