Guest Videos: Water Bears (and a writing update)

These microscopic critters are also called tardigrades, and we met them in 2019.

While working on the next post in the cat-evolution series (more on that work below the videos), I found this amazing channel on microbes that fills in so many blanks for me in terms of the papers I’m reading.

But I’m sharing two of the episodes with you because of the videography. It’s so fascinating watching the little things swimming around that I forget to listen to the narration!

There is a lot of information, too, if you’re curious about scary-looking but weirdly cute water bears.

As for the writing, you’ve probably noticed that I am posting some drafts of Chapter 9, the “early life on Earth” chapter that sounded so easy when I outlined the series on how cats evolved (most recent chapter appears at the top here).

It’s not easy.

I have since regretted a little that I took the Carl Sagan “to make an apple pie, you start with a Universe” approach.

Just a little. There are lots of benefits, too, most recently the discovery of how carnivory probably got started — this trademark method of how cats (and most other modern members of Order Carnivora) survive is WAY older than Family Felidae, like, a billion years or so.

Obviously, the series isn’t going to be finished by year’s end. That’s okay; fortunately, there are no deadlines. And this workout is honing my writing skills, too.

Thank you so much for your interest and support!

Featured image: Dotted Yeti/Shutterstock

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