Guest Video: Hurricane Camille and West Virginia

What has just happened in and around New Orleans, and in other parts of the region, is beyond words.

Too, as weather in Middle Tennessee showed us this past week (and also back in 2010), terrible flooding can happen even without a tropical system

But as the remnants of Hurricane Ida track north and east this week, let’s remember the unusual and tragic way that remnants of Hurricane Camille hit a small region in West Virginia one night in 1969.

And let’s hope that nothing remotely as intense happens anywhere along Ida’s trek towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Featured image: The Library of Virginia, no known copyright restrictions. (Strange, I was a junior in high school in 1969 and don’t remember the world being black and white. 🙂 )

One comment

  1. Thanks for sharing that video, BJ! Camille’s impact in Virginia has always fascinated (and, as someone who lives in a rural, mountainous part of PA, slightly terrified) me. It’s hard to even conceive of the kind of biblical rainfall they saw.

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