Writing Update

So there I was last weekend, counting cat toes and otherwise researching Chapter 2 of the serial on cat evolution (it’s about feline anatomy), when I saw the news about Nyiragongo’s eruption.

I’ve been busy with that ever since, although I’m still slowly moving forward with the cats, too.

The hazards at this volcano have really spooked me ever since I first discovered them while researching the Decade Volcano book last year (it costs nothing to click on a store, if that book interests you).

So I just dropped everything and have been following it closely. As you can see by the updates pinned to the top of the blog, at this moment things are dicey.

So I just wanted everyone to know what’s going on. With this disaster unfolding in real time, I don’t really feel like going into the two lahar tragedies in Indonesia just now (even though the last one happened a long time ago: 1919), so that series is temporarily on hold.

For the next week or two, look for new serial posts, if any, on the other site (linked in the menu above). Volcanic crises tend to be drawn out, but I should then be able to get back into the groove here, if not with the lahars series (depending on how things play out at Goma/Nyiragongo), then with some posts on minerals.

This is both depressing and inspiring. Lake Kivu comes in at around 6:50.

Featured image: Trish Hamme, CC BY 2.0.

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