A Brief Note

The Friday Feline post might be delayed. Today I planned to finish it up but slept instead: got my first COVID dose yesterday.

It didn’t affect me even as much as the flu shot did last fall (they say the second COVID vax dose tends to hit you a bit harder, but that isn’t til May). So I figured all was well, but got sleepy in mid-morning and woke up hours later. That’s how I sometimes respond to these things. I’m not exactly energetic right now, either.

Oh well.

Anyway, will get to work and maybe finish that post soon. What’s it about? Tigers and other wild felines that go bump in the night.

And the people, like those in this Indian organization, who try to help the cats as well as the people whose lives and property are at risk.

Also, there will be a writing update coming soon. Basically, the appearance of this front page will change soon, and the side bars will be a little different, too.

Don’t worry, though: the blog otherwise will stay the same.

Again, thank you SO much for your interest!

Featured image: Carlos G. Lopez/Shutterstock

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