Kilauea Update

The Hawaii Volcano Observatory just released a statement on Kilauea. Take-away:

Clustering of shallow earthquakes in this region is not unprecedented following the end of Kīlauea’s 2018 lower East Rift Zone eruption and does not mean an eruption is imminent. HVO has recorded shallow earthquakes in this area for many decades across several eruptive cycles at Kīlauea. The recent seismicity demonstrates that magma continues to be supplied to the Kīlauea shallow magma storage system. These observations are within the expected behavior of an active volcanic system.

So, just a heads-up.

This is a good time to mention that, while the 2018 lava flows mesmerized the world during the East Rift eruption, the summit collapse as that lava drained was equally impressive. It just happened more slowly and quietly. Here’s a time lapse:

Today there is a crater lake up there (Oregon’s Crater Lake does not have to sweat the competition!). If Kilauea’s rising magma and that water meet, some time in the future, there could be explosions.

Featured image: MNStudios/Shutterstock

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