Writing Update: Done!

Just submitted the book on Latin American cats to both Amazon and Google!

Hopefully, it will go live over the weekend (update, May 31st: it has, and I’ve added Google link below). In the meantime, the other books in the series are available as paperbacks at Amazon per the link in the menu above.

On Google Books, you will find the eBooks by clicking these links (haven’t worked out a single-service link to them all yet):

Meet The Cat Family!

I like those page previews — they show images, which are a big part of this series, along with accurate and interesting information about each cat.

Wow! Can’t believe this is done.

It’s more of a beginning, though.

Yes, over the longer term I still plan to work back and explore how cats evolved (bringing this side trip into biology back to geoscience through paleontology and the amazing changes in Earth’s climate over the last 66 million years).

However, first I want to get a more professional basis for what I already have.

That’s why the sidebar information is unchanged. I have to think all this over some.

Meanwhile, I’m going to relax for a day, clear the mind with a Decade Volcano post for Sunday, and then see how everything looks on Monday.

Thank you all so much for your interest and support!

Cover image: Andy Poole/Shutterstock

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