Guest Videos: Bay Cat and Jaguarundi

What an odd looking cat!

Latin America’s jaguarundi does have an unusually small head, tiny rounded ears, and (though you can’t see it in the above image) a very long tail and body.

You would think them unique, but Borneo bay cats — the world’s least known cat — look a lot like jaguarundis.

This, even though bay cats are only found on the island of Borneo, thousands of miles from the Americas.

I read about the resemblance at the Cat Specialist Group’s page on bay cats and checked it out online.

Here is a bay cat:

These are melanistic jaguarundis in Costa Rica:

There are black Borneo bay cats, too.

More often, the two species — although members of different genetic lineages and separated by our planet’s biggest ocean — come with reddish or gray coat color variations.

I haven’t seen any authoritative comments about this, perhaps because so little information exists for bay cats, but it looks to me like a case of convergent evolution.

Mind. Boggled.

Featured image: Carine06, CC BY-SA 2.0

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