Volume 1 of the Cat Family Series is Up! (update)

Some updates here.

“The International Lineages” covers four lineages and 17 different cats, including Fluffy. (The original image for this cover is by Jani Ahlvers, via the Nevada Bureau of Land Management, CC BY 2.0.)

The eBook paperback is live now at Amazon and here is the Google Books eBook page.

Update, February 26, 2020: I wasn’t happy with the Amazon eBook presentation, even with some editing changes I made to the format, and so have taken that down for now (the paperback is still up). That Amazon eBook was all smushed together, and I don’t know why — the Google Books eBook, made from the same PDF file, looks good.

Amazon does warn you that PDFs don’t always come out well with their software.

The self-publishing process was a LOT easier with Google, too. While the “Big G” is almost everywhere, and I do like to promote online variety whenever possible, this experience really makes me wonder if perhaps I should just go with Google for these self-published books.

Nothing is ever perfect, of course. I am apparently going to have to learn spreadsheet wizardry in order to work up a promotion for the Google book. I don’t see any option for a sale on the Amazon paperback but will explore further.

As always, thank you for your encouragement and likes!

Edited, February 26, 2020

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