Repost: Guest Videos: Odsherred

Instead of telling you about Geopark Odsherred, let me show it to you, complete with narration that won’t make sense, if you don’t speak Danish, but which somehow seems to fit the flowing curves and intricacies of this land. (Their website is in Danish, but you can click the little flag icon for a translation.)

First, here is an overview that might make you wonder why they made it a park, as it looks like very pretty scenery you might drive through on vacation in many parts of the world:

Next, more Danish, but also well-done visual storytelling of the geological and human history of the Odsherred Peninsula, and its importance as a natural ice-age preserve. Also, there are adorably furry cows and lingering shots of food that will make your mouth water!

Finally, there is the sky, which is always stunningly beautiful in Nordic areas. You’ll recognize all the natural phenomena except possibly the noctilucent clouds, Just keep in mind that none of this is artificial special effects – it’s all just the light of summer in Denmark in 2016:

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