Repost: Guest Videos: Sentinel Spots Suspicious Movement of English Village

Here’s a slightly edited 2018 post. I checked the news and found no updates, so Willand is presumably still inching its way slowly toward the stars today.

Not in the village, of the village.

I don’t know what sort of event is being filmed, but here are some views of the surprisingly mobile municipality — Willand in Devonshire:

And here’s the Sentinel that observed Willand is rising at a rate of almost an inch a year

It’s a total mystery. This is not a tectonically active region, so things like volcanism or plate collisions are unlikely to be involved. The mining boom during the Industrial Age also passed Willand by.

According to this source, whatever is causing it is deep underground, perhaps an aquifer that is filling up.

Willand residents aren’t endangered by the movement, but it will affect major transportation corridors that are planned for the area.

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