I’m trying out a new format for the blog, and the top menu no longer shows up, at least on mobile devices. Here’s a direct link to this volcano’s Flight To Wonder page–lots of useful links, including one to CENAPRED’s updates in English, as well as my own frequent updates.)

Update, January 10, 2019, 12:25 p.m. Pacific: Check the Popocatepetl page for the latest. The alert level is still Yellow Phase 2, but the volcano is more active than recently.

Also thought I’d embed this tweet from a CENAPRED official that shows the type of risks around Popo; the video is in Spanish, but this is science and the terms are very similar to English terms (peligros means “dangers”; ceniza is “ash”):


Original text:

As of right now–December 15, 2018, 6 p.m., Pacific–Popo is still restless, and it had a spectacular explosion a little while ago (above), but CENAPRED has thus far kept the alert at Yellow Phase 2.

However, I think (and remember, I’m a layperson) that the Chipiquixtle webicorder is showing some tornillos.

That, combined with activity earlier today that brought on a VAAC advisory, makes me think the volcano might be well worth watching tonight. Here is the best link I can get to the Los Ranchos webcam–am not sure if that is ash or weather obscuring the view, but you can just make out the volcano as of the time of writing. (Not sure where the camera is located, but the background sounds like it might be near a park of some sort, or possibly a zoo.)

Edited January 10, 2019

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