Guest Video: Ioyama Volcano Eruption in Japan

May 7, 2018 update: No eruption since April 27th, per JMA, but volcanic activity continues and the crater perimeter warning is still in place.

April 27 update: JMA says today that Ioyama is still having low-level activity, and that Kirishimayama is inflating a bit, possibly indicating magma flowing into the complex.

For the first time in centuries, a small, unassuming member of the Kirishimayama Volcano group erupted this week.

No one is apparently threatened by this (in fact, another member of this group has been active for a while now). Here is more information on Ioyama and the Kirishimayama Group:

Smithsonian’s Global Volcanism page for the Kirishimayama group.

Japan Meteorological Agency page with activity updates. (I ran the JMA page in Japanese, which is updated more frequently than its English page, through a machine translator for this link, which is now in English.)

Wikipedia page.

H/T to UPI


  1. […] About 330,000 years ago the style changed to building stratovolcanoes instead of big holes in the ground (which is what a caldera is, basically). Ever since, this complex volcano has built more than 25 relatively small peaks and cones. Two vents are currently erupting: Shinmoedake and Ioyama. […]

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