Guest Video: Peridot, A Mantle Gem

Did you know that many diamonds form underneath continents on a “mantle keel”?

These beauties aren’t the only mantle-associated gems.

Most of the upper mantle is made out of peridotite, a combination of olivine and pyroxene. It is named after the very famous gemstone it contains–peridot.

Combined with diamonds, peridot made a beautiful addition to early 19th century Habsburg royal jewels.

Peridot usually reaches the surface through volcanism, but this gemstone mineral has also been found in meteorites and even in comet dust.

The space connection isn’t surprising when you consider that the mantle makes up over 80% of our planet, which formed out of a space dust cloud.

Here are some people in Australia collecting peridot that had a “homey” origin in our planet’s mantle.

Featured image: Aomai CC BY-SA 3.0.


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