A Brief Note

This blog is becoming active again, thanks to reader interest and progress I have made in the meantime on a book about cats. This book is called 50 Facts About Domestic Cats (And Where They Come From) and will be self-published in the next month or two.

It started as an earth science book on the evolution of the cat family Felidae, both its living (lions, tigers, Maru, etc.) and extinct (sabertooths, etc.) branches. However, the need to bring in climate change over the last 60 million years or so, and ecology changes, made that difficult.

Instead, I’m starting out easy, with two books in the series planned for 2018: house cats and the living cat family (due out late next November). Then in 2019, we’ll get into ice ages and sabertooths, greenhouse-to-icehouse changes with nimravids, and so forth. It’s going to fun. And as far as I can tell, no one has published a general-interest look at this aspect of cat evolution.

After the first book comes out, I’ll move cat posts to a “50 Facts” page, and also do some posts there on volcanism and perhaps other geologic book-related topics.

Thanks SO much for your interest!

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