Things will be busy here for the next few days. While looking for a Friday Feline topic, I came across an old post on my other blog, about sabertooths, that I did about a year ago. It’s way too long, but I had to write it before work on the first two ebooks – fifty facts each on domestic cats and the cat family – would flow.

Cats go back a long way, I’ve discovered.

I’m almost done with the domestic cat book, but before finalizing things, I want to improve my overall aim by cleaning up and, for this blog, serializing what I had originally investigated for a single book about cat evolution, Sabertooths will also eventually become a “50 Facts” ebook or two, hopefully in 2019.

Because not everybody is interested in ancient cats for some strange reason, I’m also putting in some posts on other typical blog topics – quick ones, just guest videos.

The sabertooth series will run here through the start of next week, and then things will quiet back down for a while, returning to the occasional Friday Feline and Sunday Morning Volcano post until the ebook comes out.

Thank you for your interest!