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Meanwhile, at Kilauea . . .

Update, November 24, 2018, 7:26 a.m., Pacific: Per the volcanologists, who kindly replied by email, this cloud coming out of the caldera, captured on the cam shot (below), was: Volcanic gases — visibility of plume is more pronounced in early mornings and evenings when warm gases condense as they are released into cooler air temperatures.

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Mount St. Helens Isn’t Erupting

That’s resuspended ash from earlier eruptions. Yes, volcanoes can still be hazardous decades after they erupt. Several weeks ago, the Alaska Volcano Observatory noted resuspended ash from an eruption up there 106 years ago! VA ADVISORY DTG: 20181014/1620Z VAAC: WASHINGTON VOLCANO: ST. HELENS 321050 PSN: N4611 W12210 AREA: US-WASHINGTON SUMMIT ELEV: 8363 FT (2549 M)

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