Hayabusa-2 and Asteroid Ryugu

September 22, 2018: YES!!!!!!!


Hopping rovers . . . now why didn’t Star Trek ever dream of that?



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Guest Videos: OSIRIS-REx Mission to Bennu

We’ve gone into a space a lot this week–let’s keep going and celebrate the launch of OSIRIS-REx on September 8, 2016.


Mission page

Here’s an update. (Note: Look at the graphic on the wall behind her when they tell you what DSN is – that’s actually showing the Deep Space Network in real-time operation, and the moving lines are transmissions to and from various spacecraft.)

And here’s the basic mission . . .

WAIT! WHAT ABOUT ME????!!!–Asteroid Bennu

Oh, all right, Bennu:

Now then, here’s the basic OSIRIS-REx mission video.

Featured image: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

A Close But Safe Asteroid Encounter

I just found out about this: in about 20 minutes from the time of writing these words, the Virtual Telescope Project is going to stream the close encounter of a near-Earth object – 2018 VD1.

It’s less than 50 feet across and about 70,000 miles away. Astronomers only discovered this asteroid yesterday this week! Here is more information.

This is definitely going to lead to a post next week on near-Earth objects!

Update: Apparently there’s still a half-hour to go:

Update 2: Just a poster thus far. Waiting….Ah!

Featured image: Not 2018 VD1, but another object, illustrated by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.