Species Facts: Leopard Cat

Not all wild cats are critically endangered. Asia’s most common little feline – the leopard cat – appears to be doing all right for itself. Scientists call it “Prionailurus bengalensis,” the Bengal cat. “Bengal” is also the name of a hybrid leopard cat/domestic show cat. A few people, especially in China, have skipped the domestic-cat middleman and tamed leopard cats as pets. But these remain partly wild and their cubs are totally wild. For some unknown reason, domestication doesn’t seem to “take” with leopard cats the way it did with house cats thousands of years ago.

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Species Facts: Lions

Oh, this cat doesn’t need an introduction! Let’s just set out a few basic facts, focusing on some things about Leo that you might not have heard yet. For instance, did you know that the King of the Beasts is not actually the biggest cat out there?

When Is A Lion Not A Lion?

When its fossils might be those of another big cat. This is the case with “Panthera atrox”. It used to be called the American lion, and recent genetic studies support this. However, some experts disagree. And if you take out Atrox, lions’ historical range shrinks considerably. – a huge difference for conservationists today.

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