Species Facts:  The Puma

Call it what you will – cougar, panther, puma, catamount, or mountain lion. This beautiful animal has charisma.

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Species Facts:  The Fishing Cat

Most people wouldn’t consider “saving wetlands” as the method of choice for protecting an endangered cat, but it’s just what Southeast Asia’s fishing cat needs. The only member of the cat family to live on fish is becoming increasingly rare outside Bangladesh and parts of eastern India.

Species fact:  Clouded leopards

Clouded leopards are adorable.
The “clouds” are those beautiful dark blotches on the coat.

These wild felines aren’t close relatives of the leopard, but modern research shows that clouded leopards do belong with the big cats. Their head and face are a little weird looking. That could be because these Southeast Asian cats are primitive – the first big cats to evolve some 11 million years ago. But some paleontologists have a different explanation for it.

Species Facts: Snow Leopard

Snow leopards aren’t leopards that live in snowy country. “Panthera uncia” is actually a separate species and more closely related to the tiger. While leopards rule in southern Asia, snow leopards own the alpine and subalpine zones from the Himalayas northward, across the Tibet plateau and the Central Asian high country, to mountainous southern Siberia.

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