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The Sabertooths, Part 7: Extinction

Why did sabertoothed cats go extinct? Easy. More sabercats died than were born.

How did it happen? Ah, well – that’s not quite so straightforward.


The Sabertooths, Part 5: Smilodon and Homotherium

The most advanced cats ever – Homotherium, Megantereon, and Smilodon – are prowling around, forcing the ancestors of modern cats to keep a low profile, and you and I are at a crossroads. A series on sabercats must go in one of two different directions at this point.

The Sabertooths, Part 4: The First Sabertoothed Cats

The early history of the two major saber-cat tribes – the Smilodontini and the Homotheriini – isn’t well understood yet. Paleontologists want to know more about it, because these terrifyingly beautiful predators were the most advanced cats that have ever walked the Earth.