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Guest Video: Ultima Thule and New Horizons

Update, January 10, 2019: They found a “snowman”! (Fortunately, not one with eyes and a carrot nose, waving at us.) Original post: You’ve probably heard about this on the news. Here is a little background information from NASA and the New Horizons team on the upcoming encounter: Mission page Featured image: NASA Advertisements

NASA’s InSight Landing on Mars

This is scheduled to happen on Monday: Another one of those “7-minutes-of-terror” events. Hope it works! Here is NASA’s “watch online” page for it. And here is InSight’s launch, back in May–two days after lava had started spurting out of the ground in a residential neighborhood in Hawaii on the flanks of Kilauea Volcano. Addendum:

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Guest Videos: Galactic Fountains and Cosmic Serpents

No, seriously it’s a galactic fountain. With gas, not water. And a massive black hole . . . Has anyone seen Christopher Nolan lately? We might want to look for Michael Bay, too. Astronomers just reported finding something beautiful in the Milky Way Galaxy–beautiful, but incredibly violent . . . Reportedly, the thing doesn’t seem

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New Horizons Opens A Path to Pluto (and Beyond)

Apparently the updates menu goes by the original post date, and this 2014 post is still buried. It shouldn’t be, since New Horizons is now closing in on its next target wa-a-a-a-a-a-y out there on the edge of the our little corner of the Universe. Also, people should check out that 2006 launch video again:

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Hayabusa2 and Asteroid Ryugu

November 3, 2018: It is going to a challenge to maneuver the spacecraft close enough to poke the surface for a sample. Asteroid Ryugu as seen by MASCOT#Ryugu #リュウグウ #Hayabusa2 #はやぶさ2 #MASCOT #AsteroidLanding — Roman Tkachenko (@_RomanTkachenko) November 3, 2018 October 30, 2018, 8:54 p.m., Pacific: Look at the footage they got during

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Meanwhile, at Ceres . . .

. . . the Dawn mission is coming to an end. Remember those shiny spots on the asteroid? They’re still making headlines! Here is an overview of Dawn’s accomplishments: Mission page and “What we learned from the mission.” Update, September 17, 2018: More on Ceres’ three-mile-high ice volcano. November 3, 2018: Good night, Dawn. And

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