Guest Video: More Zorros! 🤺 and Other “Finches” That Darwin Missed

Zorro is a fictional character, but zorros — Spanish for “foxes” — are very real, though they’re not the only canids here.

We’ve met a couple of cuties that adorn the genus Lycalopex, as well as a stilt-legged “wolf,” a vinegar dog, and a crab-eating fox, but wait! There’s so much more to South American wild dogs canids:

Just to keep the distaff side of Order Carnivora in view, during all this time the canids had to evolve alongside big and small cats that also came in with the dogs, including living species (whom we have met in various posts) and extinct big cats, as well as sabercats, including Smilodon — one species (S. gracilis) west of the Andes and one (S. populator) east of the great mountain chain.

S. populator. Those evolving canids did not have an easy time of it. (Image by Mauricio Antón)

By the way, a third Smilodon species — the one we all know and love — is S. fatalis at La Brea.

Now back to the canids —

“Da secrit iz 2 do ur own ting. Ignor dose utter critters. N no sabertoofs. We laffs at doze kats.”–The canids.

Yeah, and while you’re ignoring stuff, Darwin comes along and bonks you on the head. Focus, doggies!

A little lagniappe:

Featured image: Wikimedia, CC BY-SA 3.0

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