Guest Videos: “Kids” During the 🦃Long Weekend🦃

At family get-togethers, there’s often a grouch who can’t handle the furor that usually surrounds young children — and the kids flock that way!

Something similar happens in this Mexican wolf family (don’t worry — those adorable pups are okay; Dad’s just laying down rules, canid-style):

Oh well. Might as well go bother the Border Collie.

They don’t say what species this wolf pup, Nikai, is, but he’s all grown up now.

  • US Fish and Wildlife 2017 Mexican wolf recovery plan (PDF download)
  • Five facts about wolf families.
  • There’s a new red wolf this year, too! Her name is Saluda.

Meanwhile, in the backyard Softee and his mum have a lot to be 🦃grateful🦃 for.

“I can’t believe you’re actually helping a fox!

Featured image: Thomas Marx/Shutterstock

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