Hurricane Dorian

Update, September 6, 2019, 11:18 a.m., Pacific: Dorian is still a hurricane and now has Canada in its sights.

Per the latest update from the Canadian Hurricane Centre:

No change from the previous forecast track which maintains a
land-falling hurricane somewhere over Eastern Nova Scotia overnight
Saturday. Dorian will begin extra-tropical transition Saturday
evening over Nova Scotia, completing the process over the Eastern
Gulf of St. Lawrence or Western Newfoundland early Sunday. Dorian
will remain a very potent post-tropical system with hurricane or near
hurricane force winds as it crosses Northern Newfoundland.

Yes, Canada does have a national hurricane center!

Update, September 3, 2019, 6:30 a.m., Pacific: Hurricane Dorian is STILL stationary near Grand Bahama, but it is forecast to start moving north soon. While this has been awful for the people on that island, as this video shows, the stall-out so far east means that Dorian is a little less likely to make landfall in the US until it reaches the Carolinas.

Water, however, is still going to be a problem all along the southeastern coast.

Update, September 1, 2019, 9:50 a.m., Pacific: Dorian has intensified. It’s incredibly powerful now and moving over the northern Bahamas at a forward speed so slow that you could outwalk it — if you could handle gusts up to 200 mph and sustained winds of 180 mph.

Just wanted to add this resource to the ones below: Updates from a local newspaper, The Tribune.

Original post:

We’re all getting plenty of updates through the media on this terrible storm. I just want to leave the human aspect for a moment and admire a planet that can produce such a wonder.

More information:

National Hurricane Center (Note: Type your Zipcode or town/state in the box in the upper right corner to get to your local National Weather Service web page; NWS offices within the NHC’s forecast cone sometimes have additional helpful information and background.)

Talkweather: Dorian thread, latest posts (Consider joining this forum, if you’re not already a member; it’s a great weather information resource year round.)

USGS Dorian page

Storm Carib:

How Hurricanes Form (NASA)

Storms elsewhere in the Solar System

Featured image: GIF via Tropical Tidbits

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