Guest Reblog: Are there Volcanoes in FIJI 🇫🇯 ? —

Indonesia certainly has more volcanoes than the few we’ve checked out here in recent weeks.

But South America has fire mountains, too — and that’s where we’re following the family Felidae to next week, after meeting its most widespread member (the leopard) this coming Friday.

I enjoyed this blogger’s post on Fiji and thought a visit to the blue latitudes today might be a good way for us to transition towards the International Date Line and the New World.

So enjoy the view from sea level while you can — next Sunday, we’re going up into the Andes!

When the news reported multiple volcanoes erupting in Vanuatu – when new volcanoes appeared near Tonga Islands – when earthquakes shook most of Melanesia left right and center – I have often wondered if, or why, there are no volcanoes on the Fiji Islands? Well, you probably guess the answer – of course there are! […]

via Are there Volcanoes in FIJI 🇫🇯 ? —

Featured image: Taveuni, on Fiji, by NASA via Wikimedia

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