A Pilgrim

This a modern pilgrim to Mexico’s Basilica of Guadalupe, crossing the flanks of Popocatepetl volcano on the way across Cortes Pass (the name of the route Hernan Cortes took through the mountains to the Aztec capital in the 16th century–allegedly Cortes sent someone up to the volcano’s crater for sulfur to replenish his gunpowder supply).

It’s not a truly medieval image–the conquistadores came after that period of European history–but this tweeted image has the flavor of what medieval life must have been like for everyone back in the day.

Yes, right down to the hoodie.

There is nothing like this chapter of living history in the US or Canada–and, since Europe has moved on over the centuries, it is only preserved in Latin America today.

What a world of human treasure still exists in the New World!

Writing update: Am readying the two books to send in to the Copyright Office and looking forward to January 10th! As for this blog, of course I’ll check in with any huge news but am only keeping a more-or-less daily eye on Popocatepetl and probably won’t update that page until after the 10th, unless there is a major change in activity–right now, it is more active than usual, but CENAPRED is keeping the alert level at Yellow Phase 2.

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