NASA’s InSight Landing on Mars

Update, March 16, 2019: InSight landed safely and has begun drilling into the planet. The other day, it caught an eclipse of the Sun — given the tiny size of Martian moons, a total eclipse doesn’t happen there, but you can see the eclipse happen!

Mission page

Original post:

This is scheduled to happen on Monday:

Another one of those “7-minutes-of-terror” events. Hope it works!

Here is NASA’s “watch online” page for it.

And here is InSight’s launch, back in May–two days after lava had started spurting out of the ground in a residential neighborhood in Hawaii on the flanks of Kilauea Volcano.

Addendum: Today, the Curiosity Rover is tweeting encouragement and helpful hints to InSight. 🙂

Featured image: NASA/Leif Heimbold, CC BY-SA 2.0


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