Guest Videos: Landslides (and the Lituya Bay Megatsunami)

There have been lethal landslides lately in the Caribbean and Rwanda.

Fortunately no one was injured in a Chinese landslide that was caught on video.

A geologist blogs about that here.

Here in Corvallis there are plenty of homes on steep slopes, just as there are in Portland, north of us, where the first part of this video was filmed:

Over 4,000 people died in landslides last year.

Probably the worst landslides recently were those in China, in 2017 —

— and in the US state of Washington in 2014:

Lituya Bay

Landslides that happen in or around water, of course, cause a big splash. People often perish as a result, because there is no warning before it happens.

This occurred near Newfoundland in 1929, and it also happened in Alaska’s Lituya Bay one night, causing a 1,720-foot-high tsunami–that these two people rode.

That holds the record for the biggest wave ever.

Here is more information about landslides from US Geological Survery.

Featured image: USGS

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