Guest videos: Extremophiles

You might have heard about the hardy little microbes that thrive in the hot springs of Yellowstone:

Less garish but still pretty microorganisms also flourish in New Zealand’s hot springs (those are Celsius temperatures he’s talking about):

Some extremophiles are visible without a microscope, as seen here by the brine shrimp swimming in in California’s Mono Lake.

Some extremophiles even exist in rock!

Of note, extremely tough tardigrades aren’t considered extremophiles because they will eventually succumb to their conditions, though they can outlast most other life forms.

Extremophiles, on the other hand, thrive in whatever hot, acidic, radioactive, nasty, high-pressure, or rocky environment they have adapted to.

Featured image: Red algae (yes, it’s green here), living in hot, acidic water in Yellowstone National Park.

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