Guest Video: Borosilicate Glass

For the first time ever, I recently tried a French press for making coffee and like it a lot, but the glass is SO thin.

Since I’m old enough to remember when you had to put a metal contraption underneath Pyrex so it wouldn’t break when you used it, I was really careful about pouring hot water into this at first.

French press

Of course, it’s fine. According to Dr. Wikipedia, this borosilicate glass has an extremely high resistance to thermal shock.

I wanted to do a post about this but soon learned that things get very chemical very quickly. Those two links up above will get you started, if you want to look more deeply into this modern wonder.

Or you can simply sit back and enjoy a short silent movie of someone at Tuffnell Glass fashioning borosilicate glass into something not at all utilitarian – a dragonfly!

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