Guest Video: Dallol Volcano

Dallol Volcano in Ethiopia rises almost 200 feet above the surrounding salt flats – and it’s still 296 feet below sea level!

That’s because Dallol sits in the Danakil Depression, the lowest-lying land on Earth.

No lava has been documented there – the craters are the results of explosions that happen when underground magma comes in contact with ground water.

The Global Volcanism Program reports such an explosion at Dallol in 2011.

Armed guards are necessary to protect tourists because geopolitical tensions between Ethiopia and nearby Eritrea have led to hostage-taking in the nearby settlement of Ahmed Ela in recent years.

If that doesn’t get you, other, more nature-related dangers might. As far as weather goes, the average daily temperature at Dallol is over 100 degrees. The volcano itself emits toxic gases, and sometimes the salty crust beneath your feet is thin enough to break, dropping you into a boiling pool of acidic brine.

So perhaps you might want to forego the trek by camel or Jeep to this remote area and just enjoy this video of one of our planet’s most dangerous but beautiful sights – Dallol Volcano.

Edited June 7, 2020.

Featured image: Achilli Family, CC BY 2.0.

h/t for post inspiration to Cracked (F-bomb and mild cussing alert at link).

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