Guest Video: What Drives Plate Tectonics?

This image is related to Caledonian mountain building, which is only an effect of plate tectonics. I just like it for the scale.

It’s a nice reminder of how big and complex the world really is as we look at the computer graphics in this IRIS Earthquake Science video.

They are talking about what was a hot topic when I took undergraduate geology courses 30 years ago: Are plates pushed around by the seafloor spreading or pulled down by the cold slab (see video for terminology – it’s pretty simple).

Field work alone couldn’t answer the question, but many advanced geoscientific techniques today are clearing things up. Here is where they are at this moment:

Featured image: Anne Burgess. CC BY-SA 2.O.

Note: Right now I have geology on the back burner because of the cat books, but I’m still interested in it and will try to make some related posts here whenever possible. Thanks for your interest!

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